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Thursday, June 30, 2011

how to get any man to fall in love with you

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how to approach any woman and make her fall in love with you

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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Video technology was first developed for cathode ray tube television systems, but several new technologies for video display devices have since been invented. Charles Ginsburg led the research team at Ampex Corporation in developing the first practical videotape recorder (VTR). In 1951 the first video tape recorder (VTR) captured live images from television cameras by converting the information into electrical impulses and saving the information onto magnetic tape. This Tape was sold for around $50,000 in 1956. Sony Started to sell the first VCR tapes to the public in 1971. Since then computer technology has advanced a huge amount and can now be used to capture, store, edit and transmit film clips. Since the invention of the DVD in 1997 and Blu-ray Disc in 2006 video sales have plummeted and are often regarded as old fashioned and obsolete.

[edit]Description of video

Analog video standards worldwide
   PAL or switching to PAL
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The term video ("video" meaning "I see", from the Latin verb "videre") commonly refers to several storage formats for moving pictures: digital video formats, including Blu-ray Disc, DVD, QuickTime, and MPEG-4; and analog videotapes, including VHS andBetamax. Video can be recorded and transmitted in various physical media: in magnetic tape when recorded as PAL or NTSCelectric signals by video cameras, or in MPEG-4 or DV digital media when recorded by digital cameras. Quality of videoessentially depends on the capturing method and storage used. Digital television (DTV) is a relatively recent format with higher quality than earlier television formats and has become a standard for television video. (See List of digital television deployments by country.) 3D-video, digital video in three dimensions, premiered at the end of 20th century. Six or eight cameras with realtime depth measurement are typically used to capture 3D-video streams. The format of 3D-video is fixed in MPEG-4 Part 16 Animation Framework eXtension (AFX). In the United KingdomEstoniaAustraliaNetherlandsFinlandHungary and New Zealand, the term video is often used informally to refer to both Video cassette recorders and video cassettes; the meaning is normally clear from the context.